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Dean Chandler of 1st American Law Center and the Chandler Law Group and his partner in crime attorney Lou Bruno of 1st American Law Center may be loan modification scam artists.

California attorney Lou Bruno, Dean Chandlers law partner was DISBARRED by the California Bar previously and his illegal ex felon non law illegal partner Gary Bobel of the Lead Source is an ex convict.

Dean Chandler sure knows how to pick them! First American Law Center was in Oceanside California, not San Diego California, that was were they were operating with their front man Joe Kruk, or should I say Joe Crook! Joseph Kruk is a *** man, helping to delay and defraud people by stalling them into thinking they would get refunds. First American Law Center was raided by the FBI in June and the California Bar State Prosecutor is hot on the trail of California attorney Dean Chandler.

Lou Bruno, a law partner with Dean Chandler in 1st American Law Center in California, and Gary Bobel and Greg Rubio, another partner in 1st American Law Center, who was a non lawyer in charge of "loan modifications" with his b.s. "underwriter" scam title, have now opened shop in Carlsbad with Dean Chandler. They just keep moving.

Dean Chandler and Chandler Law Group and 1st American Law Center abandoned all their clients, cut and ran. They claim 1st American Law Center is filing bankruptcy and Dean Chandler claims the same but they have not filed bankruptcy yet. Gary Bobel, Greg, Rubio, Joe Kruk, Lou Bruno and Dean Chandler were continuing to do loan modifications under different company names and taking peoples money but with no intention of doing the work. They may be scam artists.

Be careful and stay away from these men. Do not believe a word they say. A class action law suit was filed in California for fraud against Dean Chandler, and 1st American Law Center for 2 million dollars. The State of Ohio is suing Dean Chandler and 1st American Law Center. The noose is tightening on Dean Chandler and 1st American Law Center (First American Law Center) and real jail time may be coming soon.

The FBI and Federal Prosecutors have not yet indicted Dean Chandler and Gary Bobel but that just seems to be a matter of time. Do not give this firm or these men your money! Federal Prosecutors have seized the accounts of Dean Chandler, 1st American Law Center, Chander Law Group, Gary Bobel and The Lead Source.

Beware - be careful - and do not do business with these people.

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Bakersfield, California, United States #994541

Defendant DEAN CHANDLER was sentenced by the Court. The Court ordered the defendant to the following:

Incarceration of 24 year(s)

Followed by Supervised Release of 6 year(s)

Special Assessment of $800.00.

Defendant MICHAEL ECCLES was sentenced by the Court. The Court ordered the defendant to the following:

Incarceration of 15 year(s) Followed by Supervised Release of 9 year(s) Special Assessment of $500.00.


pdate: 5 people associated with First American Law Center(Dean Chandler not mentioned) has pled guilty in Federal court on a number of charges, For taking consumers for $11 Million. They will be sentenced in early March.

Nothing in the press release said about Dean Chandler, but I hope he's next. They need to take that King Pin down along with the rest.

I don't know about restitution or if we will see any of it.



Again frustration is OK, anger is OK but hate the company not the employees. People hate their Cable company but don't list every employee, people get mad at every company one time or another but don't punish the employees who worked for an entity.

To group all employees as "bad" for any entity just shows ignorance on your part. Also, all employees are "X" employees and most have been questioned by the FBI. Any employee including yourself works hard, tries to earn a living and so on but they shouldn't be blamed for the actions of those leading the company.

So Bill why don't you list your full name and who you work for so we can look at your employer and see how much liability you carry for their presumed wrong deeds. What your doing is cowardly, wouldn't you agree...


Killing reputations, it really breaks my F---- heart that some reputations were hurt. Chandler and the rest of the no good SOB's ripped off thousands of people from $1500 to over $8000.00, causing people to lose their homes and with it their life savings.

So go back and tell the so called innocent one's to testify against Dean Chandler and Gary Bobel and the rest.

And I'm sure you have some constructive information to give to the FBI. Oh speaking of such there has been a ex employee that came forward and exposed a lot of what the so called innocent employees knew.


For those "good citizens" out there with a bone to pick please note that slander on the web does a lot of harmful damage to people and is list a name affects all with that name related or not. Please control your emotions before hurting innocent people's good name. I worked at 1st ALC and none of these people were partners since Dean was a sole owner. All lost their jobs along with the other 60 or so employees.

Lou Bruno..Over 775 Lou Bruno's on the Web and you have hurt all of them

Greg Rubio..Over 225 Greg Rubio's on the Web and you have hurt all of them

Joseph Kruk...Over 110 Joseph Kruk's on the web and you have hurt all of them.

Unfounded comments hurt everyone and this forum only supports this. Sometimes you just have to hate the internet and forums like this. Go to the BBB or the Attorney General and see who they have as a "partner" in this company. Sure isn't the poor folks you listed here.

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