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We signed up with the First American Law center in March and we still haven't heard anything. We were promised a lower interest rate as well as a principal reduction.

Back in March we were only a couple of months behind but now we are almost 9 months behind. We don't want to lose our home so we now have to contact the mortgage company to seek help from them. We paid First American $4500 dollars upfront to help with our first and second mortgages. We have tried calling all of our contacts at the Law Firm and either their extensions don't exist anymore or they no longer work with the company.

I even tried leaving messages in the company voicemail and left email messages.

I am going to file a grievance with the Better Business Bureau but if anyone else wants to file a Class Action lawsuit or anything of that nature then let me know.

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we where taken for 2,500. I was trying to talk to someone for so long.

I left messages at every extention and "corprit office.

then i read the law center was raided by FBI. After my shock i call the same old number and some girl answered the phone and confirmed the raid but said no charges have been brought chargers but they conficated all files.my email kelli.jimenez@hotmail.com class action suit

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